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To the owners and staff of The Grand Island Mansion: You deserve an over the top thank you!!!!! Our wedding was amazing because of you.

Every detail was perfect. The staff is incredibly professional, going above and beyond what we expected and working together to make every detail perfect. We never once had to ask for anything. Everything was done to perfection! You can't help but feel like royalty at this venue!

Arriving at the property takes your breath away. The gardens and grounds are meticulous and inviting. The music playing as you enter the front courtyard is a lovely touch. You can't help but be awe-struck by the grandeur of the mansion. The exquisite details inside and out are incredible. The staff is impeccable, prompt, receptive, and intuitive. The menu and cake were delicious to say the least. The after party was amazing and well organized. The rooms were very beautiful and comfortable with all the amenities.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your service to us, and we recommend you to anyone looking for the perfect venue! Appreciatively, the Rodriguez & Hall Families

Appreciatively, the Rodriguez & Hall Families
July 28, 2012
Love, Love, Love the Grand Island Mansion! I had my wedding at the Grand Island Mansion and had the best experience ever.

When you are planning a big event, you learn really quickly what separates the great business from the mediocre. From start to finish, the Grand Island Mansion performed above and beyond our expectations.

My day-of coordinator, Debbie, was amazing to work with while planning the wedding and during the celebration. While planning the wedding, she or Brenda responded to all my emails in less than 24 hours. They were so willing to accomodate any special requests that me and my hubby had. We found that if we asked for a special request, we were likely to have it granted. They provided every opportunity for us to make our dream wedding come true.

The grounds, interior and exterior of the Grand Island Mansion are gorgeous and maintained to perfection. We had our ceremony under the shaded gazebo, used both dining rooms for dinner, partied in the ball room for the reception, and rented the overnight rooms for our wedding after party. Our guests loved that the wedding flowed from one room to the next and that there were always new and beautiful surroundings to enjoy.

The service team was pleasant and moved the event along timely. We received numerous compliments from our guests on the various choices and delicious taste of the food. We chose the 'Light Summer Fare Buffet', which I highly recommend due to the multiple options that it includes at a reasonable price.

The overnight rooms are clean and decorated wonderfully. I woke up in the morning with birds chirping and the soft delta sun shining through the upstairs balcony. The rooms on the second floor have a bed and breakfast feel. The beds were comfortable and most people had private bathrooms.

The overnight host was loved by all the overnight guests - he kept the party going and served drinks like they were going out of style. He stayed up until the last people went to bed around 5 a.m. Everyone really enjoyed his fun spirit and witty sense of humor.

I HIGHLY recommend, without a doubt, the Grand Island Mansion to host your next big event.

Dawn W.
Pacifica, CA
If pictures of the Grand Island Mansion have piqued your interest, I have one word for you: visit. It is absolutely incredible in person - perfectly maintained and beautifully landscaped. Upon arrival, a friend of mine remarked, "Someday, I'm going to buy this place. I'll throw lavish parties, and all of you will be invited!".

I was lucky enough to be part of a spectacular wedding here. The food was good, everything transitioned with ease, and it ended up being a great party.

The entire wedding party and then some got to stay overnight. Suites are of varying size, and each is named after a composer (I stayed in the Liszt room). Between the Italian-Renaissance style architecture and the array of artwork, it's nearly aesthetic overload (in a good way). It's easy to get lost on the third and fourth floors, and not uncommon to notice something new each time you enter a room. You feel as though you're in a different time and place (despite cookie-cutter suburbia only being about 30 minutes away!).

The staff was very accommodating, and let the post-reception festivities continue surprisingly late (even bringing us pizza at midnight). Around 7 am, they started piping classical musical into the bedrooms. Continental breakfast was served, and then we had to depart. It was really hard returning to normal life after such a wonderful celebration.

Lisa S.
Sacramento, CA
I could not believe the beauty and elegance of this place. The art and antiques are originals, and in wonderful shape.

It is amazingly grand without being gaudy. I didn't need too much in the way of wedding decor because this place is already visually striking. The service is impeccable, and the food is really good.

If you get married on an 'off day' (we got married on a Sunday evening) the prices are more reasonable than any location closer to S.F.

The staff was unobtrusive but helpful, and they kept everything running smoothly.

This place made my wedding a dream day. It was EVERYTHING I ever could have wanted. It's stunning.

L. A. W.
Tracy, CA
You are whisked to another time as soon as you pull up. In this case, I was whisked to the 1920's, as I was dressed in a flapper dress, to join friends in a themed wedding. Think Halloween, wedding style.

It was a gorgeous mild day in August. chairs all set up outside to watch our friends take their vow. It was wonderful to see that everyone complied to the brides wish to dress up.

Food was awesome, timing between courses was impeccable along with an open wine bar that I had to pace myself at, and dancing afterward downstairs.

If anyone were to catch me and trick me into marriage (the Mermaid Unicorn that I am), Grand Island Mansion would be high on my list as places to get married.

Chan T.
Sacramento, CA
Grand Island Mansion is perfect for weddings. My friends got married at the altar outside the mansion. The time was perfect. You get a nice dusk sun on everyone's faces, perhaps see a little tear twinkling in the couple's eyes. It's beautiful. And coming from the city, I was just amazed how quiet and beautiful it gets in the middle of acres of orchards.

The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and efficient and professional. They even provide a bartender to serve us pizza and wine and entertain us with his knowledge on chocolate in the bar upstairs after the party ended.

Candice B.
San Francisco, CA
On May 6 , 2011 we had our wedding, reception, and overnight accommodations at the Grand Island Mansion. It was everything we expected and so much more! Our guests that attended are still telling us how much they enjoyed it. The Wedding was very romantic, like something from a fairytale.

Thank You, Debbie, for making our special day the best.

George And Debbie Fagnani-Puddy
We had the best experience at the Grand Island and I would book them again if I could do my wedding over again. Not only is the venue stunning, but my experience with the staff was great. Debbie, Brenda, Hilda, Michele-they all made us feel so welcomed and so special.

They made our special day exactly that-special. There were some snafus on our end-some of our guests that were supposed to be there for rehearsal dinner got lost and arrived as we were having dessert. Upon their arrival, they had a hot, delicious dinner waiting for them.

Whatever we wanted-we got. The special treat was after our rehearsal and reception where we got to hang out in the upstairs lounge and yacht drinking and they even had hot pizza waiting for us. Michele especially was a great and so accomodating and charming.

We took up two dining spaces and speeches at dinner would have been a problem. Instead we did all of the speeches and cake cutting downstairs before we started the dancing and it worked out great! The downstairs is small but because of all of the rooms, there was so much to see and do that it never really felt cramped. People just explored and had fun looking at every room.

We feel so grateful to have landed such a great venue. It was glamour, romance and love all weekend long. The food was top notch and we felt very much taken care of. I can't tell you how many countless compliments we had on that venue!

If you are looking for an unforgettable venue and you are flexible-this is your place. You will have your dream wedding here. I can't say enough about the Grand Island Mansion. Thank you, Grand Island.

Gabriela M.
Oakland, CA
I just had my wedding there. Everyone said it was the best wedding they ever went to. Lots to do- billiards, espresso room, movie room which we did as a kids place to chill, exploring the upper floors (if you rented them for the night). Best day of my life. And the food was good! All for WAAAAAY more affordable than any wedding I have heard of in the Bay Area.

Wendy M.
San Francisco, CA
Absolutely beautiful. Stunning even. Fantastic, and more importantly authentic decor and charm. Even updated aspects of the facility like the built-in full-on movie theater (GREAT for entertaining little ones) are done in such a way as to not distract from or divert attention from the old-world charm.

Make a point to drive out and check it out in person as well. You'll be glad you did.

From the standpoint of a vendor, the "wedding mill" approach of some venues can be problematic if there is not adequate time to set-up or tear down for events. Let me tell you that as a dj, who is by the way (or should be) both the first AND last vendor at your wedding site, I have never had any issues with set-up time at this venue. I've always had all the access I could want for setting up two sound systems (ceremony and reception) AND a light-show for dancing. After all that, STILL enough time to change into my wedding-day best and be standing by ready for the festivities to commence.

The dining areas are intimate and nicely spaced. You have all of the tables spread across the entire area of the room, so it fills nicely and you don't have the feeling, as in many venues, that you are just eating at a few tables being plopped in the center of a gymnasium or hall. There also has to be room for wait-staff and guests themselves to move around freely.

From dinner, the party does move downstairs where the formal (REAL) introductions get done... (RAISE DA ROOF!) The spiral staircase makes for perfect introductions into the room as well!

Having cake downstairs is fine as well as a better-planned and thought-out event flow will usually see the cake cutting taking place after a bit of open dancing rather than immediately following dinner anyway, though this is always a matter of preference.

The stage is perfect for the DJ to set up on so as to have speakers and lights at the appropriate height and not take up precious dance floor space. The dancing area/room is of modest size, so it is easy to fill with robust powerful sound without having to "crank it" to be heard. The area also accommodates seating for those guests who are not dancing at any given time.

I have done ceremonies both inside and out at the venue, and all have gone without a hitch.

It's awesome. Check it out!

Justin P.
Roseville, CA
My friend had her wedding here over Labor Day weekend and wow, it's amazing. I don't think very many pictures do it justice. She and her husband were looking for a place to hold a small, intimate, and simple wedding so if you're looking for that, Grand Island Mansion should be one of your options. Their food was so yummy, I hated that I got full off one plate from the buffet.

The place as a whole gives off a European vibe, and it is very much in the middle of nowhere. On the way up here the roads go from 4 lanes, to 2 lanes, then to one. We were almost late to the wedding because we were stuck behind a big truck and couldn't pass it. Plus the last bridge we crossed was a drawbridge and we had to wait for it to come down.

Outside in the front there is a lawn below the level of the driveway, where my friend's ceremony took place, and on the other end of the lawn was a great location for photos. In the middle is a fountain. The side of the house has a pool and little cabana, and behind the house is a courtyard and a place for a tent reception. Inside on the first floor is the front dining room (I suppose for regular brunches) and a dining hall where the wedding lunch was held. Of course I didn't get to see the kitchen but we all know it's there.

Downstairs is the ballroom, bar, billiard room, espresso bar, bowling lane, and small movie theater. It's kind of a downside that if you have your wedding here, your time is limited (I believe they do weddings in time blocks) but that could also be good since there would be less to worry about in terms of filling up a whole day. The place appears to take care of mostly everything.

Overall it's an awesome place to have a wedding, or any kind of event if you want it simple and peaceful.

Connie M.
San Francisco, CA
My husband and I got married at Grand Island in 2008. Looking at this place you would think it is going to be EXPENSIVE, but it is about average compared to other places. But their services are beyond others wedding venues by far. The food is amazing, the staff is helpful, friendly, profession and keeps you on track! Plus for us cause we didn't have a planner.

We loved everything and wouldn't change anything!

Sissy T.
Sacramento, CA
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